News trading and really fast price action


Today i was looking at forex calendars just to see when importand news were taking place for (USDCAD),
so i can see how the market reacts at certain news.

At the time i refreshed the page at the last second to see the results , the price had moved 40 pips!!!

How is this possible???

My guess is that there are robots that automatically trade the first (nano)second news come, depending at the previous-actual price.

Thank you for your time =)

You’ve not provided any details, but a 400 pip movement in under a second would be international news on almost any currency. I suspect you mean 400 points, which is 40 pips. That’s a large move, to be sure, but well within a normal daily range.

Yes, sorry i meant 40 pips ( i will edit the post )

And to be more specific i mean at the USDCAD pair , today’s news

i am not saying about the move, i know its within a normal daily range but the speed of reactions at news

at the time i was refreshing the page to see the results, the market had already move.

Thanks for your reply!!

the OP Said 40 PIP not 400 Pips
it could have just been a sudden move in the market, it happens, it certainly wouldn’t be international news though

i think you misread it[quote=“Dionisis, post:1, topic:126715”]
the price had moved 40 pips!!!

EDIT : sorry my bad i didn’t realize the original post had been edited from 400 to 40
all good

yeah… price can move like this.
Try watching Non Farm Payrolls from time to time, price can move 80 - 100 pips in literally 2 - 3 seconds or less

I’ve seen this happen many times
i remember at one point during GREXIT price moved a few hundred pips in like 2 seconds
(Granted, that was a very very very different sort of situation)
but yeah, price can shoot up 30 - 40 pips during news events , that’s not completely unheard of

No, there is no robot like this! They are the institutional traders; they have enough knowledge on the financial events!