News trading - perfect tool for you

Hi everyone,

news trading could be risky, but with the right money management - should be OK.
Less time for trading, good moves most of the time.

I wanna share good update of the tool that I used in the past. It allows you to set time/data
for upcoming news + add comment to exact news (easy to identify it in the list).

Both files are attached. Let me know if you like news trading or stay away of it?
PS: there are many free news sources

NEWS_EXPERT_ADVISOR.pdf (442.2 KB) NEWS_Expert_Advisor_v1.ex4 (74.2 KB)

News trading can be dangerous for the new traders.

Scared to download stuff off the internet like this. :cold_face:

I also agree with you. News trading is risky, but with the right money management, it is great.

Can you show the test result of those EAs?

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Yes, it has both sides - fast gains & possible losses. With the right money management you can simply
manage your risks. FX is risky place, no way to make Pips and stay stable :slight_smile:


Here is the video that show it in action, just as example. I hope it makes it clearly now.
Also, there is no big news - but the way it works and made profit.

News trading is not always profitable.