One of the pilars that babypips school teaches is sentiment analysis - what are people thinking about a particular market. I think this is highly effected by news.

Is it possible that you guys suggest news that you follow when you are trading?

Thank you

I use the news website Forex Factory. They use a colour flag system for news alerts - if something is flagged red then I generally won’t trade it.

To follow on from [B]Simon Templar[/B]. Personally, I never trade potentially high impact news events. Better by far to see where PA has gone and take a possible trade from there when things have cooled off, based on your own strat. FX is risky enough without factoring in hi impact news! :smiley:

I do play the news occasionally. But it’s a SMALL lot size, and with a decent idea of the impact.

Did very well selling the U/J last Friday :smiley:

Not to mention I just bought a EUR/AUS lot.

It’s at an all time low, the news is most likely that the Aussie rate change will stay the same, so a nice bounce upwards is a high possibility. we’ll see!

PS I bought at 1.3457. Stop is 40 below that.

Looks like you might again re EU idea on another thread! :D:D:D

I had a short on EJ for weeks and it finally paid off on NFP last friday :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey flyer to flyer… any landing you can walk away from is a good one. :slight_smile:

A bit of a bust on the Aussie news… A few pips, but nuttin’ to write home about :stuck_out_tongue: