NFP today

guys I just wanted to remind you today is unemployment claims and as you know nfp can move the market. friday is a holiday in observance of 4th of july so trading is going to be thin.

what does that mean?

glad you asked :smiley: it means with less traders in the market that the market could potentialy be very volatile.
thin trading + NFP = stay out and enjoy the weekend.

i gotta goto work now everybody have a great day

Yes volatile. this is when i come in =D

thanks for ur info

NFP is a good day to sit out, or trade AFTER its settles down.

Today was a good example, huge upthrust 5 mins before the NFP to trick the new traders into going long, just to short the heck out of it, right after…

Of course that I was not going to miss out on the payrolls announcements to trade!!!
I made 1000 in 15 minutes, volatile means more opportunities, and then after a good trading section the weekend becomes more enjoyable. Hehe
I first though on going for the usdjpy� thanks god I didn�t.!

ah, well congrats you were on the right side of the trade… New traders should try to stay away from news trades cause because of the extreme volatility its possible to end up chasing bad trades…

price goes up… oh i better go long… lol then price goes back down… oh damn i better go short… end up buying the top and shorting the bottom…

Definitely agree!!!:slight_smile:

On that high volatility moments I try to stay with just one pair and not that long� even if it seems that its not going to go down yet. The key in forex I think is to have a plan and stick to it, not get tempted and be spontaneous! Did you do some trades or prefer to stay out?

I had a trade open during the NFP, but did not specifically trade it. I opened a G/J short on June 30 and been holding it since… though I think I will close it shortly