NFT = Newest form of money laundering

Let’s stop pretending there’s actual money to be had in buying/trading NFTs. Maybe this will change in the future but the way it’s going right now? You won’t see me buying any of those ape things.


Interesting research. They mentioned Crypto Kitties being the only NFT project for almost 2 years. Brings me back… to money… not well spent :frowning:

In case you’re interested, there’s still money to be made maybe, on the kitties.

Not with the crazy gas fees right now lol

woow interesting

Hello my friend :money_mouth_face:
Last year I would have said “you are so 20th century”. In the case of NFTs all I can say is “oh, you are so yesterday”.

Not sure you saw my recent Mondeoman Crypto journal entry I posted yesterday, but I basically reported on my “beginner’s luck” in NFT trading: