Nice Forex Trading Step by Step

I follow this process and it works for me. Simple but effective. It can become reference for your trading plan.

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Step 1: Market Trend - Sideway (after long down trend)

Step 2: Support and Resistance Level

It is at the strong resistance level

Step 3: Top & Bottom Identification

Based on the candle stick indication, the up velocity is slow down. It means that the selling pressure increase after quite high up move.

Advice: Wait. Start prepare capital and wait for more candle stick indication. Maybe in Tuesday or Wednesday we can place sell short order.

Trading Strategy: Although this can be opportunity for us to sell short. But it is actually a sideway after a long down trend. So we can sell short but with less volume than we long.

Size calculation: (Please review my post above).

Confirmed with candle stick signal.
[B]Sell at 1.13620[/B]
Let see if we can have some profit next 2 weeks :D:D

I will have to look into this thanks for sharing

I will have a look at this, how did you get into trading? X

It’s interesting to watch how a person creates something interesting or adapts some standard approach to their needs, it shows that a person knows how to think and analyze information, I think you should succeed.

And judging by the fact that you have already checked for which assets it is best for or with what strategy it can be combined?
The more information you provide, the more likely it is that you will be able to sell it profitably.

Overall, it looks good, I think it might be worth something. So don’t stop, check how it works with different assets and maybe a little later you can present it to a wide range of users.