Nice to meet you - from Surabaya, Indonesia

Hi All,

My name is Dhani 34.000 years old, living in Surabaya, working as employee while watching market movement.

First of all I would gratefully say thank you to which facilitate this forum for me and us to learn. For their generosity to maintain this site, and to helps us, especially with new traders just like me.

Several years ago, before practicing in demo account and currently micro account live trading. I did not want to be a trader, I just need to develop fully automatic robot that work for me. At that time, I feel smarter than most of people, confidence with misc strategies and programming skill for easy to get pips. But only needs some months to flip my self image.

Frustated developing many-many EA with long term loss, then I turned to start visiting this site (thanks to google), reading, watching dvds, visiting youtube, doing backtesting. I am so thankful for their generosity as I get all of them for free. As well as my sincere thanks to metaquotes for MT4 trading platform which is open for various trading idea.

Due to limitation as employee, currently I rent vps with MT4 running. Whenever I receive mail alert I (usually) then check market situation and decide to trade or not using pending order. But when having meetings or intense work load I should accept of missing opportunity to review the market.

I am expecting to give gift for my mother in law from forex trading, and also plan to use trading as retirement plan.

Ups… I’ve wrote too long message…

Thanks for your attention Guys and Gals…

Sincerely, Dhani

Welcome Dhani! Thanks for the kind comments and we’re glad to have you aboard!

Don’t be afraid to write long messages…we’d love to hear from you! And we hope you find our School and forums helpful in your forex education journey. Good luck and good trading!