Nick Shawn / MissionFX: opinions

Any reviews or users / followers of this guy.

He appears to trade Sup/Res off Daily FX charts.
He appears not to take losses, but take opposite trades, until he can trade his way out of the loss.

He has a free Telegram, but real-time calls at $500 per month.

What due diligence would you do?

At that monthly price, none.

Fair enough.
On his free side;
However, to his credit, he does give advance analysis at what levels he is looking at on the FX pairs.
But, its not clear to me,until after, if its a buy/sell.
I have never been able to see how all the trades tally up, which gives me pause for concern.

Kind of useless no?

I follow this guy since 2 Years. I used his free Telegramm and YT content. The weekly analyses he is sending out, most of time on Tuesday, are great. I use them to have a Critical view on my own analyses…
I start watching his YTC when I had no matter of Forex at all. Some of the old Videos where eye openers for me at this time and skill level. I Trade FX on 1D S/R* I use 4H an 1h to get some more information about, for position and risk managing etc. but never to draw S/R, only to make the cosmetic on the S/R.
So I can recommend his Free content to grow up your own knowledge and Skills.
I Never used his Close friends group ore any other pay service so I can’t evaluate.

Cheers Caiusone