NinjaTrader 8 Platform and Brokers

Hey everybody.

Hope we are all staying safe from Covid 19 and trading well.

For a number of years I used Track N Trade software for trading Futures and FX and I used Gain Capital as my futures broker and FXCM for Forex.

Recently I tried the NinjaTrader 8 platfom and found it a very user friendly trading platform. I enjoyed using it so much that I purchased the plarform and opened a live Futures account using one of NinjaTrader brokers. I chose Dorman Trading and I have to say it has been a very positive move. When you buy the platform outright you get substantially lower commissions and fees which is very attractive. Compared to my other broker, Gain Capital, Dorman Trading fees are a third of what Gain capital charge.

Don’t get me wrong Gain Capital are very professional providing great service. However I also have found Dorman Trading to also have very good customer service.

I have retained my Gain Capital account and Track N Trade platform as I find they have a better options feature than NinjaTrader 8.

But seriously if anyone is looking for a good platform with low fees then NinjaTrader 8 could be for you. I use Track N Trade for my Forex platform and FXCM as my broker and have no issues. Both are brilliant.

Just as a disclaimer; I am not paid by either of these companies to plug their products. Just a personal review.

Hope this may help.