NNFX no nonsense forex

Not gonna lie, ive been forward testing on demo, for the past month. Past few weeks didnt really get going, i think due to low volume and $EVZ under 8. Some trades have started moving this week though so see what happens over the next few months.

good luck,

i am forward testing too

Are they free or paid mentor or what?

The whole YouTube NNFX video series is available here and FREE.

@Thebeezneez, watch NNFX’s complete series as it is very comprehensive and will leave you with a far greater understanding of the Markets you are about to enter… Hope this is of help.

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Oh cool. Thanks for sharing! I’ll get on those immediately.

Trends, I went through many of the NNFX’s videos over a year ago and found that he goes on and on about things as if he’s imparting some profound knowledge when in fact it’s mostly garbage or very basic stuff that does not require a 20 minute video to explain. He also uses several indicators and he doesn’t tell us which. He’s big on finding trend indicators and trend exit indicators. But, he wants you to go out there and find these. Really?! He sends you to his blog (more of the same drivel).

It seems to me that he’s more interested in growing his email list and getting people to view his videos and drive traffic to his blog so that he can boost his ad revenue. I came away with the feeling that he’s more of a clever marketing guy than an accomplished trader.

He acknowledges that he got his fx education from ICT, but very little, if any, of what he speaks of shows any ICT influence.

However, being that you’re recommending NNFX, I shall revisit his channel this weekend. Perhaps I’ve missed something. If you have a list of his videos that I should be watching please do let me know.


Hey @QuadPip, It’s a pretty comprehensive series of episodes for an FX YouTube Channel which covers a lot of Forex, Markets, Brokers, Strategies and ideas… a wide range of material.

There was some Gems amongst the tailings… the link to broker Blueberry Markets was a revelation… using price to cross an MA as an entry / exit was a valuable bit of information to those frustrated trying to trade MA Crosses… (effectively say… 1 x 200), there was a quite a few pieces of gold and glitter revealed across the 12 month series saga…

Yes, agree… I know he went on a about spoon feeding in a number of episodes… but if you are going to tell everyone (methodically) that you are putting out the best FX information channel on social media you would think the video graphics and material links would be more substantial… appeared more like a Podcast that had a screenplay added after the fact…

Yes… very interesting correlation… I wasn’t around when Michael? had this concept demonstrated across forums and social media… and I have virtually no knowledge of the ensuing fallout with what appears to be so many… similar situation to TRO (The Rumpled One) who also appears to have upset forum communities back in the day.

@Clemmo, published a comprehensive (quality) analysis of the NNFX Education Series here on BP 12 months or so ago… He agrees with your assertion (as I) that the Channel was a ($) traffic inspired exercise with over 75k Subs (as of May 2019) Edit: Found the Thread

I’ll admit I didn’t view all his content over the journey but would suggest if you are researching or contemplating a trading strategy that you do a search of his channel for the corresponding idea, Indicator or just information on a wide range of things Forex… Hope this is of help… StaySafe All.


Back when VP did the videos he wanted you to backtest the indicators yourself as this is where the hard work is.
But since that time, all his followers have found and backtested most of the indicators and have found the best ones, you can find these on the NNFX discord.

Theres another guy called “No Nonsense Trader” if you go onto his webpage he has a zip file of the “Top 100 Indicators” he also has his own algo of indicators that you can download that he has backtested so you dont really have to.

Once you have your own (or someone elses😉) algo, the system is really easy , only takes you 20 mins a day to enter or exit your trades.

The most work you have to do is work out your MM.
But even at that there is an EA called “NNFX Trade Assistant 5.0” which opens your positions at your set risk percentage, splits into two trades, sets your SL and TP. Once your first TP is hit, the EA automatically moves your SL to breakeven. So all you have to do is check the indicators align and click Buy/Sell on the EA, simple.

If you look on the official NNFX facebook page, there are a lot of profitable traders and prop traders that use this system.

VP mentions the ICT thing on one of his podcasts. He says he only used to follow him when he started trading. But not any more.

You really need to watch every video and listen to every podcast to understand.


They really do

Who cares if he tried to generate traffic.

I mean you don’t expect him to just do all that work for nothing man

He really changed my life and the life of some other people I know

I actually wish I could give him some money man his approach is priceless.
And how would he just give out his algo just like that. Work and find yours or check online for other people and backrest it,he pointed you in the right direction the rest is up to you

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I pretty much agree with this.

I mean you have to put work in no matter what style of trading you do. If the content in this forum teaches you to become a successfull price action trader, that means that you are still having to spend a lot of work analysing charts and looking for set-ups, testing your mental game etc.

NNFX pretty much cancels all that out.

Send me the money mate!..I will make sure he gets it :joy::joy::joy:


@Abina, Welcome to the forums… Easy there Cowboy… My post wasn’t a criticism of his work…

Just a critique as seen from my perspective… I have even suggested that traders seeking ideas or researching strategies go across to his YouTube channel (which I linked) and utilise his content.

So, any of us here in the Babypips Forums that have contributed many years of Strategies, Links and Trading information should in fact be seeking financial reward for helping new traders find their way???

I’m not actively researching a trading strategy but I like to peruse fx related information to see what others are doing, in the event that I pick up useful information here and there.

Yesterday, I spent most of the day reading Clemmo’s notes on NNFX (thanks for the link) and going through NNFX’s videos, especially those uploaded within the last year. I would say that Clemmo was very kind in his analysis of NNFX and I commend him for going through the series. I would have aborted the effort in sheer boredom after the first few videos.

I started to write my comments as I watched VP’s videos and I realized that I had nothing good to say; not one sentence! So, all I’ll say is that IMO, an erstwhile trader will do himself/herself a favor by completely ignoring NNFX. NNFX is a total and criminal waste of time at best and, in the worst case, will lead you down the wrong path.

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Out of interest, what makes you think its “a criminal waste of time”?

@Paulscaff1 please see my post above. I really don’t wish to waste any more of my time discussing NNFX’s nonsensical ramblings.

Some people like NNFX and that’s perfectly fine. To each their own. Chocolate and vanilla … :slight_smile:

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I did read your post mate, and read it again… but still cant see your reasoning. And by your reaction you seem quite upset about VP/NNFX. Would be really good to have a healthy debate about the subject… surely thats what these forums are for?

Also surely you can only correctly judge the system when you have tried it for yourself?

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What system would that be? Can you articulate it? VP certainly has not outlined it.

Debating about what I consider to be nonsense is not my thing. Sorry! My time is too precious for that. I would rather spend it on more constructive endeavors.

No, I’m mad at myself for having wasted an entire day on drivel.

Consider Clemmo’s notes. I agree with 95% of what he said. I don’t have much more to add to that. At least, nothing good to add.

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By system i mean his method of trading, which he has outlined in his videos and podcasts. How I would describe it simply is:

A trend following system that uses a series of carefully selected indicators to trigger the entry and exit of trades on the daily timeframe.

So VP has outlined it, and for me to understand then it must be simple :joy:
How did you articulate it?

I did have a flick through his notes, but they are his notes and opinions. Looks like you have spent more time reading someone elses notes on the subject and not the subject itself. If Clemmo told you to put your head in a meat grinder, would you do it without considering the dangers yourself?

Even at that Clemmo didnt even use the system/trading method so you are reading the notes of someone elses “subjective” opinion.

Ok I get you dont have anything good to add, so what bad points can you add?


LOL. Now I know why you like NNFX. I’ll leave you to it. Good luck with “the system”.

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Thanks for your encouragement :joy:

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