NNFX no nonsense forex

Who is from no nonsenseforex here
You are highly welcome
… Old student from BABYPIPS


Hey partner. I am about to start trading on a live trading account on next monday. I’ve been following NNFX since march '19.

I was looking for someone who also trades the NNFX way. Maybe we can exchange experience!


Hello @renebaez86, Am also using the approach but seems you’re way ahead of me, am still at backtesting but we can share insights

Not used but heard things.

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good things I should have said lol

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Sure! I just opened my live account, but with the recent flash crashes I have to wait until the end of the month on most pairs to start trading (according to the NNFX way, lol).

Are you building your system?

NNFX makes a lot of sense to me. I highly recommend you at least hear the guy from NNFX.

thanks I will look into it

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Hello @renebaez86 , yes and actually now am improving it. How did your algo perform on backtest?

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Hello. It performed well. I believe I got a 10% return over four months. Right now, I am on a live account and I am improving my system as I go along.

Hi guys im also using NNfx way but struggling with my algo it seem that my algo is not working ca you guys help me… @renebaez86

@renebaez86 Whats your most performing indicators in your algo?

I’ve got 70 and 68% on two of trend indicators on USD/JPY, with volume indi 75% both, gonna test it on other pairs now and maybe I’ll put them together as 1st and 2nd confirmation indicators

hi how are you back testing are you doing in manually or Using an EA , any recommendations?

Not gonna lie, ive been forward testing on demo, for the past month. Past few weeks didnt really get going, i think due to low volume and $EVZ under 8. Some trades have started moving this week though so see what happens over the next few months.

good luck,

i am forward testing too

Are they free or paid mentor or what?

The whole YouTube NNFX video series is available here and FREE.

@Thebeezneez, watch NNFX’s complete series as it is very comprehensive and will leave you with a far greater understanding of the Markets you are about to enter… Hope this is of help.

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Oh cool. Thanks for sharing! I’ll get on those immediately.

Trends, I went through many of the NNFX’s videos over a year ago and found that he goes on and on about things as if he’s imparting some profound knowledge when in fact it’s mostly garbage or very basic stuff that does not require a 20 minute video to explain. He also uses several indicators and he doesn’t tell us which. He’s big on finding trend indicators and trend exit indicators. But, he wants you to go out there and find these. Really?! He sends you to his blog (more of the same drivel).

It seems to me that he’s more interested in growing his email list and getting people to view his videos and drive traffic to his blog so that he can boost his ad revenue. I came away with the feeling that he’s more of a clever marketing guy than an accomplished trader.

He acknowledges that he got his fx education from ICT, but very little, if any, of what he speaks of shows any ICT influence.

However, being that you’re recommending NNFX, I shall revisit his channel this weekend. Perhaps I’ve missed something. If you have a list of his videos that I should be watching please do let me know.