No deposit bonus sites?

Im looking for a broker which offers a free no deposit bonus just to get me on the road. Any ones which are legit?

I dont want to risk my own money just yet

Most of the sites which do legitimately offer these bonuses need the small print to be read. The bonus is simply a ‘Margin Only Credit’, thus meaning you can trade on the margin allowance. The deposit can not be withdrawn, and usually the margin that was given via the bonus is withdrawn at a later date. You may also read that only a given percentage of the profits accumulated from the bonus amount may be withdrawn in the future. With that being said, you may as well take the demo account route, treat it as a real account, and open it with a realistic values that you would deposit into your first real account.

I’m not one for trusting many brokers that are offering bonus schemes without the requirement for making an initial deposit. The better brokers will have clients swarming to them, regardless of the bonus signup schemes that they may or may not have in operation.

Yep, when i used to gamble before i turned to forex (realised gambling was not the path to consistent profit) these no deposit schemes bookmakers offered had all sorts of strings attached

I have found this broker who is giving $8 : Loyalty Bonus

I dont want to risk my own money just yet

Google “100forexbrokers No deposit bonus” then you can see the list. Reviews and comments are there for each no deposit bonus program. Please read those comments to check whether the bonus offering is genuine or not.

Most of these bonuses require your own deposit :confused: I havent seen any website offering free money, unfortunately :smiley:

[QUOTE=“DowJones;480852”]Most of these bonuses require your own deposit :confused: I havent seen any website offering free money, unfortunately :D[/QUOTE]

There’s one , if i refer u and when u fund ur accounts with only 100usd, u’ll get 50usd free

I have found this broker who is giving $8 : ICVECTOR BROKER

I used some more successfully :



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I wonder what you can do with a free no deposit bonus. You say you don’t want to risk your money, then what would you do with a free 8$. I guess you are not ready to trade or make profit. Why don’t you a good broker and deposit at least a 100$. If you are not sure of yourself, you can use a demo account to practice so that you can use you money wisely in a real account.

Hi guys,

I have recently joined

Right now they are offering a free bankroll of 100€ for Trading at Varengold. I have claimed this free money and it works just great, only thing is, that oyu can only trade forex and only 5 currency pairs. But if you deposit a bit of your own money you can trade every asset class.
You can find it here:
Free €100 from Varengold – open to all tradimo members | tradimo

There are some brokers that are offering a very good no deposit bonus and I have seen many people making around $100 bonus and then they trade with this money in real account and all the profit is available for withdraw.

Can you name the Brokers?

I know personally about icvector for their No deposit $10 loyalty bonus and fbs of their $5+$7 no deposit bonus. Those broker’s profit made usning bonus abount are withdrawable without any restriction. But unfortunately most of the new traders who are taking this bonus, they make their accout $0.00. Because bonus amount is too low to trade. But lot size is so large. Most of the time it uses very low margin level. So if luck does not support, after two or three days account balance will be nill.

I suppose a few extra dollars doesn’t hurt, but you shouldn’t base a long term broker choice on a no deposit bonus.

150 EURO with no deposit. Check this out: DeltaStock dot com
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So many conditions to get bonus & withdraw any profits.

Vector Securities is giving $10 no deposit bonus. here is the link- Компания Вектор Секьюритиз |Рынок Форекс | Forex | Валютный рынок | Брокер ICVector

There are many forums they are paying bonus to their members in their trading account. They can use it in trading and enjoy its profit. You can search on internet this type of sites. Almost all good brokers are running their forums to pro=mot their trades.