No Deposit Bonus?

Guys which trusted brokers offer no Deposit bonuses?

Don’t let these promotions suck you into trading until you have demo-traded a stable strategy which has brought you a consistent profit.

Are you looking for a bonus or not looking for a bonus?

FX Bonuses are illegal in some countries, because of the requirements/limitations in how you trade or how much needs to be traded in order to get the bonus.

Be careful.

Looks for the bonus, i saw a site offering 500$. Seems fishy. grandcapital .net

I pretty much agree with what Tom and Billy have said. :thinking: Before looking for such a broker, might be best to focus on your strategy first. :open_mouth: And once you’ve become more familiar with the ins and outs of forex, you’d get to understand why it’s risky to base your broker choice on bonuses. :open_mouth:

Site isn’t loading for me. Where are they based? Regulated?

Make yourself perfect for this risky market before investing money.

How much do you need to deposit in your trading account to be eligible to receive the $500 bonus, how much $ volume do you need to trade before you can withdraw all your money AND your $500 bonus? There are some gambling sites that offer such bonuses and I used to subscribe to a guy who did the probability analysis on these sites and advise punters which ones could be used to (statistically) make money. The favourite and most easy to understand were the horse racing “free bets” where you could back and lay the same horse for a guaranteed profit, normally about 80% of the free bet. Participation was fun, but at the end of the day, income was limited and I ended up being banned from 3 out of the 15 bookie accounts I had set up. Can be done, but the bookies (and brokers) aren’t stupid. 90% of punters are just gamblers and will end up losing out taking these “free bets”. For the other 10% once you are on the radar, you are fried fish. PaddyPower never banned me. They just didn’t allow me to place a bet for more than £2 on some events, which made the arbitrage strategy not worth it.

So with that information to hand, do you plan to fit into the 90% category of losers, or the 10% category for which the broker will eventually make you wish you had never taken them up on the free $500?