No time/price series trading

i have recently decided to remove the TIME/PRICE SERIES from my chart.




if(pos>=10) wantlots+=(baselots); //
if(pos>=15) wantlots+=(baselots); // +5
if(pos>=20) wantlots+=(baselots); // +5
if(pos>=24) wantlots+=(baselots); // +4
if(pos>=28) wantlots+=(baselots); // +4
if(pos>=31) wantlots+=(baselots); // +3
if(pos>=34) wantlots+=(baselots); // +3
if(pos>=36) wantlots+=(baselots); // +2
if(pos>=38) wantlots+=(baselots); // +2
if(pos>=40) wantlots+=(baselots); //
if(pos>=42) wantlots+=(baselots); //
if(pos>=44) wantlots+=(baselots); //
if(pos>=46) wantlots+=(baselots); //
if(pos>=48) wantlots+=(baselots); //


now closed.


What does this show exactly? What’s the benefit?

I removed the chart’s price chart.

but there is no advantage for you to do it, it is not going to make you a profit.

i just thought it looked fun to do.


Ha, I was thinking, wow, this trader is taking it to another level I didn’t even know existed!

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thank you.

the position from above loaded up with 0.36 lots and then hit takeprofit while i slept(leaving my new balance at $1,364.88)… and then it reloaded and is headed for another close/takeprofit.

btw, to remove the TIME/PRICE series, just select “LINE” type of chart and then set the LINE COLOR to black or whatever your background color is.


i am now putting together a documentation that describes how my bot works.


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position closed.


this is good news for me. the price is hugging the target price for a few hours…

i dreamed about finding this code, and after all of this time i might finally have it.

the white line is the target price, , the red lines are resistance lines.

all trades are now closed.

current balance: $1,501.48

my next step will be to raise capital in blocks of $1,000,000.00 minimum.

the circus isnt over until the fat lady sings.


You mean from outside investors or something like a prop firm?

good morning samewise,

no trades opened during the night while i slept, but now a single trade has opened.

my trading is a hybrid martingale with a fixed acceleration of lot sizes.

edit: i just noticed that my balance as late yesterday was $1,501.48 and now it is $1,503.98, so it did place a small trade last night.


when my bot opens a trade, it also sets a takeprofit at the target(white line).

if i remove the takeprofit(for whatever reason), it will wait until it goes past the target price and it will then set a takeprofit and stoploss on either side of the current price.

once the price is blocked in using a takeprofit and stoploss, it has no choice but to hit one or the other.

technically, this trade position is still running, but it is also over and done with.


it hit the stoploss, small profit taken…

rinse and repeat.


new position opened.


jim simons talks in a video about how they use mean reversion, but i am assuming that he does it much better than do i.

it has been a slow day… i need the reversion to get busy reversioning from the mean, lol.

i need some spikes… i need some volatility… i am fully automated and ready to go do battle.

bring it.

all trades are closed.

can you believe this only took me twenty years to write one stupid trading bot?


another tiny position closed. (0.1%)


another tiny position closed.

new balance: $1,508.28

i need a spike of volatility, that is where the money is at.

ok, giddyup, lets do it again.


position closed.