NON-SCAM Binary Brokers?

Hi everyone. I trade mainly Crypto but forex too and I want to start Binary. I have what I feel is a good strategy and has been working for me in Forex so I want to move it to Binary.
However I hear a lot of bad things about Scam Binary Brokers so I was hoping the community could recommend me some legit Binary Brokers that it is safe for e to put my money in and trade with.


I’m using IQ Option, I already profit a little and I could easily withdraw my money from them. I deliberately withdrew my money with a little profit just to see how smooth the withdrawal process is and I got my money in a week. I continue trading with them.

Good luck!

If you’re in the US, check out Nadex.

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Dude, i know a lot binary brokers and can say with confidence that almost all of them are scammers. A unique company that inspires confidence and can provides you favorable investment conditions is IQ Option

NADEX will be your best bet.

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Nadex or Go Markets.

Hi! I’m using iqOption for binary options. Just because they have good name and for long time didnt collapsed. Work with them from the beginning, have good times and bad times, but never have problems from their side! :slight_smile:

IQ are one of the biggest scammers!

Did you scammed by them? Tell your story. Because I’m working with them, but not with very big amount of money and never have problems with withdrawing or with positions

I haven’t been but I know more than 1 person who has been.
And I am in trading groups where everyone warns people from using them.

Maybe, but I can find a lot of warns about Market Makers. But if you smart enough and dont take bonuses and dont listen “professional” advisers or “best signals” and know how to trade, you can trade with them. And you must know real scam companies cant work in the market more then 1 year they need change the name every year. And as I know CySEC didn’t provide licences to every company from last year.

And Everybody who trade with Market Makers must know, that this is not real market and every MM company can scam client. But in my opinion iqOption is the best MM company for binary option. As I told earlier I havent got any problems with them.

Fella, I know a considerable measure parallel agents and can state with certainty that every one of them are tricksters. An extraordinary organization that moves certainty and can gives you ideal venture conditions is IQ Option

IQ Option are a massive con!

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