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This has nothing to do with forex, those who are interested I’d like to hear your input after you watch this YouTube - Gaza 2009: We Will Never Forget .
Wonder why I don’t see this one the Major news networks here in the US.
there was another issue about how Bush and Blair decided to invade Iraq before the UN finished the search for mass destruction weapons which i heard nothing about on TV but only on foreign TV.

this should go in the general section but besides that for G*d’s sake leave Bush alone already. He’s been out for a while and Obama has been shown to be FAR worse than Bush for the US.

And besides, the US was going off of British intelligence about wmd’s. This has been clearly documented. Yes it ended up to be bad intelligence but even Sadam’s top people thought they had nukes so we acted accordingly.

Would have been better to leave a tyrannical leader in power right?

I think the reason you don’t see it on American TV is because, for some reason, we don’t like to see people we can identify with as being the “bad guys.”

Israel and Palestine are both committing terrorist acts against each other, but it would be ratings suicide for an American TV station to call an Israeli a “terrorist.”

I remember the same thing happening during the Bosnia/Herzegovina incidents in the 90’s. When Christian Serbs were killing Bosnian Muslims the news never mentioned the religion of the Serbs. They just called them “Ethnic Serbians” and pretended the fight wasn’t religious in nature. If this had been reversed you’d have been hearing about “Muslim Terrorists” all the time!

You simply can’t say the words “Christian terrorist” or “Jewish Terrorist” on American TV without sponsors pulling their ads from your newscasts, and the fact is that news organizations in America are for-profit companies. :slight_smile:

Looking at some of the history, the ones who started are at fault. besides I don’t think any one can compair the size and the power of the Israel army to any militia’s on the Palestinian side.
and why is it when the Terrorism is mentioned on TV I always hear Muslims??? I’m I the only one who noticed that. This is closer to brain wash the audience.
I think every country that has a King, Queen, Prince, Sultan… , should be removed it can’t be a democracy with a a higher power in control.