Noob here this stuff is hard

Yo babypips people,

Let me start out by saying thanks for the school you guys have on your site. I can say that it works, and your advice has been helpful. I am only in second grade currently (in the school not in life) but it has helped. Before I started reading your tutorial or knew about this site I started demoing, I know my basic economics and finance, so hey how hard can this stuff be right? Wrong predicting a trend, or rather, price is extremely difficult on short term basis in this market. I want to be able to achieve the ablitiy to see the price and its movement at any given present time.
Anyway I started a 50k demo account and in two days lost 12k of course I knew MM rules but disregarded them as it was a demo and I was curious. Anyway after reading your guide up to grade two I managed to make 7k back putting my account at 45k+.

I see that your advice helps one “See” the movement of price better and if anyone here has more tips please share them, if you care too. I do not really want to develop a “logical/methodical strategy” for trading (not that I wont because i believe it will be important in getting me started), but that would become boring eventually at least for me. I guess i would like to be like water or perhaps the market would be the ocean and I the navigator who can have fun maneuvering in any climatic condition on any currency pair any time and still walk away with profits.

With that said I do want to obtain millions and billions and trillions and what not. But I rather do it by having the money chase me. I hope that happens someday. I do know that if i figure out which way price is moving the profits will be chasing me.If anyone here is of a similar personality just point me towards your strategies and ideas and etc so I can learn from you.

Again Thanks
I also apologize in advance if non of this makes any sense

You will be confronted with many choices as to how you will process the information on the charts. That may be daunting.

I, personally, like to follow the posts in ‘Alternative Templates 2’ as there are some very experienced traders posting there using a straightforward methodology.

Good luck in what will prove to be an exciting and rewarding adventure.

To me this sounds more like the philosophy of Masaaki Hatsumi, however you will have to first learn the movement before you can forget it and move on.

Hey Damit, want to start learning the movement of the waters?

Read the following threads by Tymen1: The Joy of Candlestick Trading Parts 1&2

Do this as fast as you can. Then jump into the thread “UML Live” and start posting your charts from your demoeing using Tymen1’s system.

When i first joined forums, nobody ever told me that that type of education is the best you can get as a newbie. So i am now sharing what i have learned, believe me you cannot go wrong.

Edit: If you do not believe me then ask somebody. You need to start somehwere and this is as good as it gets for newbies, Tymen1 is there for you as long as you are civil and behave yourself.

Thanks for the advice!!