Northern Rock Threatens To Destabilize UK Markets Further


Fundamental Headlines[/U][/B]

  • [B]NZDUSD[/B] - Service sector performance index prints at 59.4. Best showing in months, encouraged by all components, despite credit issues looming over business sector.
  • [B]AUDUSD[/B] - Prime Minister John Howard announces A$430 million in additional relief for farmers facing the nation’s worst drought in a century.
  • [B]EURUSD[/B] - Seasonally adjusted Euro Zone Trade Balance plunges to a 0.6 billion euro trade deficit, the first shortfall in 11 months the sharpest drop in the trade account in many months.
  • [I]Greenspan’s Dismay Extends Both Ways[/I] - Wall Street Journal
  • [I]Paulson Urges Caution On Regulation[/I] - New York Times
  • [I]Northern Rock Stock Tumbles Further Amid Run on Bank[/I] - Bloomberg
  • [I]King, BOE Face `Crisis of Confidence’ After Rescue [/I]- Bloomberg
  • [I]Mukasey To Be Named Attorney General [/I]- Sky News
  • [I]Microsoft Loses EU Antitrust Appeal[/I] - Financial Times

Written By: John Kicklighter, Currency Analyst