Not new but no trader,

Hi, I know a lot but am not a trader yet. Where to start? Is there a mentor system here where I can get a person to guide me?

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What do you mean by you know a lot?

Well, as @ayodimej1 also asked, what do you mean by “I know a lot”?
About the second part you can take a look at school of pipsology.

If you mean mentors, i prefer not to introduce any. Because what if you don’t like their work? or you lose because of using their strategy? You can initiate a thread specifically about this and people will help you.

Well, What you’re saying doesn’t make sense, I guess it’s better to start with educating yourself.

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I don’t know any person but School of pipsology is a good idea.

Using a mentor is only necessary if you want to learn how to run 3 or 4 or more strategies at the same time, and each of which is complicated. As a new trader, why would anyone want to do that?

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I mean I was in Swedish Trading Team for one year and so on. I might not need to learn everything from scratch again. Or It might be a good thing anyway to go throug it all again.

I learned before that mentorship is a necessary thing for not Malung the same misstankes, however I did anyway so it might not be so necessary. This forum seems to be a good place for questions. I have been through many courses and still doing wrong so better start with the school here from scratch.

Mentors are only useful if you’re trading on a physical trading floor and you’re working the same hours, trading the same currencies, using the same system etc etc. However, if you’re a retail trader and you’re looking to work remotely and alone the only mentor you need is yourself. In my humble opinion, the key to success as a solo retail trader is education not mentorship.

So my advice is to seek out the correct education. If you’re a beginner, I suggest starting with the School of Pipsology here on Babypips (even if you’re not a beginner and just need a basics refresh this is a great place to start). If you’ve already got all the basics you need to search for more advanced education based on your preferred trading style and strategies.


So true, Well I have many courses behind in different directions but something is obviously missing. I will repeat and go through the school here. Then decide. The forum here is very good and many traders with experience are here.

Welcome! :blush: Definitely agree with what most of the others have already mentioned in the responses. :slight_smile: I guess I’d just add that if you haven’t yet, maybe demo trading is a good way to get you started and more accustomed to your charts. :smiley: Have you been on demo? :blush:

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That’s interesting! :open_mouth: I wonder why you still don’t consider yourself a trader even after being part of this team. :open_mouth: (I just assumed that it’s a group of traders so please correct me if I’m wrong. :sweat_smile:)

Oh No it is A one Year education, but the team is swedish traders

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Not much or not enough I believe.

I believe this is going to be great. I was Looking through the course and it is massive with all important parts.

Ooooh! :open_mouth: Thank yuou so much for clarifying that. :sweat_smile: Haha. I hope the school here helps you refresh the things you’ve learned, but you might want to try demo trading already while trying to recall the things you’ve been taught? :blush:

Is it like an in person class?

This seems like a good plan! Sometimes going over the basics can really help. Good luck!

I personally don’t have a mentor and can’t recommend anyone. But for me personally, I learn to trade from several sources, such as:

  1. Baby Pips School of Pipsology
  2. Youtube Channels
  3. Blogs such as How to Trade and Prime Codex