Not smart enough to even

ask a intelligent question here yet! I want to learn all I can about this type of trading and have been through most of the babypips school. I have more questions now then when I first started. I have a demo FXCM trading station and when I opened it up for the first time I felt overwhelmed! I did not know that even the shallow end of the pool was still over my head:15: I felt that I should at least make a post here so as not to be accused of being a lurker. But I must admit this though, the concept behind this is very appealing to me. Call me naive but if I can learn the ropes and make sound decisions based on good information and earn $$ then this draws me into the pool despite my fears.

That’s good. you should completely the school and are beginning to ask questions. And not being over confident from the get go like a lot of noobs doomed for failure. Your journey has just begun. Babypips is a great community. There are a lot of good threads here to get you started.I suggested eremarket and ICTs treads they are both pro traders who give a lot of great instructions. Lots of vids to keep you busy. If you are looking for something a bit more Traditionally PA based check out nakitas pure price action for dummies and for the slightly more advanced alternative techincal templates threads. That will take you atleast a month to get through all that . Oh and welcome! Cheers and good pippin’

Well if that’s the case then that IS a good sign. If trading were as simple as reading for two days and getting on with it we’d all be millionaires by Christmas haha.

The more you try, the more you look into, the more questions you should have and eventually you’ll come to a conclusion on what works for you. What the babypips school describes is high level, each topic has much much more to it and it’s likely you’ll end up doing many searches before you find what you need.

Good luck to you, we all started in the same place.

It is good to know that I have not been sold the [U][B]get rich quick idea[/B][/U] here. The fact that I have been told/read and advised that there are no short cuts to trading currencies with success helps me to have real faith in the concept!