Not so new but not that old

Hi everyone, taru here. Well,i’ve been here for quite a while now but forgot to introduce myself haha. Been trading for sometime. Really interested in forex but still trying to figure things out. Well, happy trading guys and girls!

Hello @hairyfx! How long have you been trading? Happy trading to you too. Hope to hear more from you in the future.

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Yeah nice to meet you! I’ve been trading for quite a while now. Close to ten years. What about you?

I’ve been demo trading for less than a year. I still don’t have the confidence to open a live account.

Bro, you know enough. Take the next step. Start small, you’ll make it. Just treat it like a side job. For me, i felt that growth after so many mistakes. But those mistakes made me a better trader. Cheers


Hi and welcome, Taru! I hope you’re enjoying your stay :slight_smile: Looking forward to see more of you here. Good luck!

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Thanks mate, hope you have good luck as well. Happy trading

Hi! I hope you’re doing well and didn’t have any problems. It’s great that in the end you introduced yourself on the forum, I wish you a successful trading.

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Thanks for the advice bro. I’ll try in a couple of months.

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Thank you bro, happy trading to you as well, cheers