Notes and summaries on NoNonsenseForex (VP)

I watched all his YouTube videos and took notes NoNonsenseForex Notes. I made (harsh but fair hopefully) comments in the footnotes and then gave my 2 cents at the end.

If anyone finds this sort of thing useful and would like me to do one about an FX trading educator/trainer/guru/expert just let me know.


Wow @Clemmo, That is a serious critique of the NNF Youtube Channel, and a compelling read to boot.

A document well worth the read… Kudos

I have also been following the Channel since the beginning and while I find his condescending tone as the series rolls on … increasingly arrogant, there is some gems amongst the tailings.

As you have stated in the piece, it is one of the more interesting, coherent, and polished attempts currently on an ocean of misinformation, marketing and outright waffle.

The problem with FX is that there is 1001+ ways to skin the cat … some right, some wrong, some better, some worse dependant on the application and the applier… and most of what is revealed by VP on this Channel falls into all four categories.

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I think it’s interesting that VP has 73,000 subscribers (and rising fast I’m sure) on YouTube where someone like Alan Hull (inventor of the Hull moving average) has 399. Staying away from the crowd is beneficial in all aspects of trading it seems.

Thats 75k in just over 12 months… from Banks to Crypto… just shows the huge interest in this market.

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