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I’m Very interested in Forex. but I am a new forex trader. So I need a master,Who would be willing to help me? I am very grateful to、、、
My name’s GOULIN, I’ M Chinese,
Just started to study the foreign exchange knowledge。Well-wishers please contact me or Left your contact。

Hi, Goulin

Welcome to the Forum.

My suggestion is: Forget the “master” thing, for now. If you advertise for a “master”, you’ll get replies from people offering to be your “mentor” for a fee. Most of those people have never been successful traders. And that means that whatever they are,
[B]they are not masters of anything[/B].

You obviously speak and write English very well. So, you should have no problem studying on your own. And that’s the way you should go, in my opinion.

Start with the BabyPips School on this website. Just click on [B]SCHOOL[/B] at the top of this page, and start at the beginning. When you have acquired some “book learning”, and feel that you understand the basics, then open a free demo account with a large, reputable forex broker, and learn the mechanics of trading by doing it yourself.

After you have done those things, if you still feel that you need personal coaching or mentoring, you will be better able to judge potential mentors, than you are at present.

But, I’m guessing that after you have studied the entire BabyPips School curriculum, you will know that you can do this on your own, without a “master”.

Read, study, ask questions, and practice, practice, practice. Forex education is sort of do-it-yourself education.


p.s. - an old Chinese proverb says: [B]“I hear, but I forget. — I see, and I remember. — I do, and then I understand.”[/B]

Clint’s right, there’s enough basic material for free on the internet and the numerous perspectives you can get from real, profitable traders on this forum can make the learning curve nice and short. The forum can be like a classroom where other people will ask questions you have and you can see the answers without even asking. Then when you run into specific problems, there’s always a bored trader somewhere looking to help a newbie.