Now it's monkeypox?!

Helloooo. :confused: I was out the whole week last week cause I had to undergo a few tests in the hospital. :confused: We’re still waiting for the results but I’m hoping that everything’s fine and there are no serious issues with my health. :pray: But never mind that! I just heard about monkeypox on the news, and tbh, I didn’t expect the year could get any worse. :pray: Stay safe guuuys!


Oh no, I hope that you’re well and that you get good news from the tests!

Last Thursday, I got really paranoid when my 3 & 4 year old popped up with random bumps and spreading redness. It was pretty bad. Started looking at pictures online to figure out what it might be, and of course I freaked myself out thinking it was Monkey Pox. We wound up taking them to be seen and the first nurse had no idea, then the doctor had to take a sample to figure out what it was. I was really paranoid at that point since Monkey Pox has been spreading in our state.

Fortunately, we got lucky and it was just from a really bad bug bite they got swimming…both kids had it in the same spot, so it was a bit odd. But thank goodness it wasn’t the alternative. :sweat:

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Don’t worry - latest fear scam from WHO - don’t fall for it like so many did with covid.

Don’t worry. Monkey-pox not serious/deadly like Covid. More difficult to transmit (mostly by close skin to skin contact.) Like chicken-pox, the disease is self-limiting and no special treatment required.

How have you only just heard about it? It’s been around for ages already. Not much to worry about.
Don’t let them stoke you with fear.

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Agreed it affects mostly men too and its always been around another fear mongering episode

Yeah. :confused: I just found out that it’s already in the endemic stage in other countries and that there is also a vaccine for it. :open_mouth: I guess it was just another attempt to instill more fear in people.

Sorry for making it seem scarier than it is! :sweat: But the images and videos of people who had it really scared me. :confused: Tbh, I was more scared of getting monkeypox than getting covid. :open_mouth:

Monkeypox? I feel like the scientists are sharing their workspace with comedians…

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I keep hearing that you only get Monkeypox If you voted for Trump.


That’s very specific! :sweat_smile:


Seriously though, do you all personally know anyone who’s had it?

OMG We are all going to die!

FIVE people out of a world population of 8 billion have die of monkeypox.
And they were all from central or west Africa.
As @dushimes puts it ‘the comedians have joined the scientists’. And the media love it!


The BBC would be obsessed with it ,if it was nt for eastern Europe war ,heatwave :sunny:,Battle for leadership, Fuel hikes, immigrantion ect ect


Stop watching the news. You’ll feel better! haha

In my opinion, the news is designed to be an emotional rollercoaster. Watching the news is going for a ride. It keeps you in suspense, and you keep turning back to the news to see what happens next. Remember, the news is a business. They don’t just provide content, they SELL it.

Turn the news off, and your emotions will be more stable. Just my opinion.


Im afriad of thee effects to ones skin. I never had chickenpox. do those breakout clear over time because…

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I don’t know about monkypox but as for the chinese virus… I got vaccinated by the live virus. The virus did not survive.

You know what? I might just start doing that! :sweat_smile: Everything’s been crazy lately. HAHA. But I do watch the news also to get updates on prices of gas and goods. But even that is depressing. :sweat_smile:

Right? Haha. I saw the videos on Tiktok with people having huge holes on their skin and that’s honestly scarier than covid for me. :sweat_smile: But as the others have mentioned, it seems like it’s not something to be scared of. :blush: Sorry for also making you worry! :sweat_smile:

Good for you then! :smiley: Haha. I hope we’re already in the endemic stage of this covid virus, and that no other deadlier mutation pops up. :pray: