Now: recommendations of the free world currencies

hello every body
i’m MR.JPY , I work in the World Trade currencies from 5 years ago
I will make recommendations free for all during the month from now
I hope that impair like


[B]The first recommendation :

SELL @ 1.4230
T @ 1.4180
S @ 1.4250


When do we enter the trade? EST?


  • 50 pip

[B]The second recommendation :

SELL @ 115.70
T @ 115.15
S @ 115.95


How do you come up with these signals mr jyp?

hi… this my own analization and i will stay with u for a month from now , after this month i will have more preditions throw the mobile…

Looks like MR. JPY U got stopped out of the JPY trade.

thanks for posting signals anyway.

Mr Jpy I question your motive here. You give no system, no reasons, no help. What is your motiovation here? Are you just trying to prove that you know what your are doing so that you can sell signals later? Do you have a book you plan on selling? Or are you just trying to pad your ego?

I love this site and I love the help I can get and give here but people that offer nothing (like you) scare me, because I am afriad that you have a hidden motivation to rob people of their money just so you can make a fast buck.

If you want to be helpful then give us your system, reasons, motivation and money management plans.

[B]hello every bady
this is recommendations for non-farm


BUY @ 2.0370
T @ 2.0520
S @ 2.0310


Hey there :
now i take for every body only recommendations and when you see my recommendations is good i will take my system and everything you need . by the way my recommendations you can find it on arabic website but you have paid for it .


Mr. Jpy

Bazooko really wasn’t pointing out the great thing about sharing on the internet of recommendations, thoughts, strategies, instrument vs instrument, systems, debates or even the great thing about us not having to pay to read your recommendations.

I’m really thankful that I don’t have to translate arabic to get your recommendations. ;o)

I think the main point is why are you putting it on the forum in a thread. Without saying what kinda system your using. Are you using the thread like a trading diary?

I think that the writing of the recommendations cause you some problems and I apologize to you and did not write any recommendation from today onwards
Thank you for welcoming me

Mr Jpy…

You can get mad, your entitled to do… what you want to do. People on this thread merely asked you why your are just posting recommendations and nothing else to help anyone with their system. or possibly add something that your have going for you, into their system.

And when asked… you blow up and say from this day forward you will never recommend stuff to the newbies on this forum?

I think I asked you if you was mainly using the thread as a trade diary! which would make alot of sense since you wasnt adding any input beyond the rates.

If you have five years experience as a professional doing this, then why not teach some people to fish instead of just tossing a few fish around? ;o)

I think he already said what he was planning on doing. Sell signals via mobile phone and/or his arabic website.

I’m a newbie to this forum, but I think it’s safe to assume at this point that anyone who only posts results or signals without an explanation of the system is only trying to sell the system.


Yeah think everyone here, pretty much assumed that is what was going on. Was trying to give the benefit of the doubt. ;o)

He tried to lay a nice little guilt trip on me “thanks for not welcoming me” as he makes his exit.


Hey Kangi, Hi 5! See isn’t it more fun watching my back as my sidekick instead of aurgiuing with me? Good thing we are out here to protect the public from these scam artist.

looks like youve found the wrong place to MENTOR. i like this site and all the senior members with much knowlegde and care for newbies. we will welcome your information on helping all, not just yourself. maybe you just need some time to think about this. happy trading to you, and i dont know if anyone has mentioned this to you. but typing in full letters is equivilent to yelling in someones face, just thought id let you know. thankyou joanne.

Yeah think everyone here, pretty much assumed that is what was going on.

Yep I agree.

Another spammer bites the dust.

Welcome again
Why Ttagheraun topic and gave attention might be greater than its size, I just Grappler of the recommendations and who wanted to enter Welcome to everybody and if surprised or did not like myself signatory is located, and many experts
Greetings to all