NVP - Forex Trading systems part 2

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how long is a piece of string ? :32:

the nature of the relationship between 2 currencies is heavily dependent on many things …Timeframe traded , timezone and naturally the news events , economic conditions in play at that time

not to mention things like the spread of course and you do have a very very complex mix of dynamics in play !

If we are discussing the G8 then heres my take

Currency 1 - would suggest the [B][U]USD[/U][/B] …solid , anchor currency , easily tradable all platforms , lowest spread for all pairs , carry trade pattern generally

then you have a tougher choice and it will mainly be dependent on your preference for risk vs return vs volatility , ATR etc etc …and again timeframe is a huge factor …

higher volatility pairings - GBP,Yen,CAD ,NZD
lower volatility pairings - EUR,AUD,CHF

hope this helps buddy …just my thoughts

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