Oanda AUD/USD not getting my TP filled or mistake on my part?

Here i have a trade from yesterday. I marked my trade zone for my idea in red box. Red line is my original stop loss. Red dotted line is my stop loss after the time marked after the yellow vertical line. blue dotted is a scale out and blue solid is my TP. I got stopped out of this trade for some reason and have no idea why looking back at the records in oandas java app. Although the candle with the white circle is blatently filling my TP i did not get one. All times are in GMT

Sell market filled Aug 31 13:54
Buy Order (scale out dotted blue) Aug 13:58
Change trade (SL moved) Aug 31 22:40
Stop Loss Sept 1 1:33

Most likely spread, lately, Oanda likes to increase the spread much more often then about a year ago. Sometimes it is very short ~1 min or less, sometimes longer. :frowning:
Also watch for news time, spread jumps to 10 pips, the max jump I ever watched was 30 pips for 5 seconds.

Hard to make out price on your chart also candles are the median price of the pair(default).The spread most times is 1.8 on Aud/USD in Europe and London session but is varible with news.Your exit was it at the of a end of a pip .9 of a pip or a so called pippette.And yes as the other poster said since last years news on brokers where Oanda paying back customers double what any other broker is ,they have been on a mission to close that gap!The average spread on euro now is 1.4 at one time this was .9 big raise in spread!(over 40 percent)

I was using Oanda with a demo account. It’s absolutely awful. Sometimes it takes [I]forever[/I] process a request. I would never trade Oanda with real money.

The price on these charts are the bid price. When you sell, the “ask” price must equal your t/p price to close the trade, not the bid price which is what is shown to have crossed your t/p line. The ask price is always above the bid price by the amount of the spread.

Turn on the ask line in mt4 (right click on the chart->Properties->Common tab-> lower right box of parameters) and you will see that they don’t always move in sync/equal distances apart…no fixed spread! :frowning:

if its the spread (difference between bid ask) then it was huge because the difference between the tip of the candle wick and my order is 11.3 pips

AU retail trade numbers were released at 1:30 GMT/ 21:30 EST. Oanda increases the spread during big news releases.

I use to pay attention to just EU & US news releases and pretty much ignored any Asian session news… but after a few unexpected surprises I started paying more attention to Asian session news when I’m in a AU trade.

You probably only missed your TP by 2 or 3 pips, too bad. :mad:

thanks for that. the news release at the same time makes more sense. geez that really stinks oh well. we keep on chuggin!