Oanda Charts?

Are there any Oanda users here who’s chart haven’t updated since 3:30am?? Here I am making trades and not paying attention to the times :mad: . This is happening more and more often so I am thinking about dumping Oanda and seeing if any other broker has similar spreads and felixibility. Thank God for Metetrader eworking great and there FREE!


Hi mate

From what i have heard about Oanda, they are pretty much the best broker for not screwing you.
they also have one of the best spreads in the game.

Can you not use metatrader for your charting?

I’m with saxobank and thier spreads are not as good, but the service is reliable, i use metatrader for my charting and theirs as a backup if metatrader is down - which ive found to be rare!


I feel like a total idiot. In Oanda’s defense I just enabled ignore weekend data on Monday and the default was Friday @ 04:00 which is 4 in the morning duh :slight_smile: so that’s why all my charts stopped updating.

Now my charts are back.

Glad to hear it wasn’t OANDA, they have been very reliable in my experience.

Same here. That’s why I was concerned with my charts not updating. Atleast now I know that I was the cause. :smiley: I just can’t wait until they update their charting software and also add some more timeframes.

before go real on forex… i tried more softwares on demo. oanda is good for spreads but you dond need to use it for studies. you can always use metatrader. I use oanda for 1 year now and never had problems.