OANDA or FXCMmmmmmmm

Hello guys i want to know which is better OANDA or FXCM for trading analysis on tradingview and why?

fxcm has tighter spreads.

Hi. Go through the thread below.

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I would always favour fxcm because of the profits I made on it. However I used trading station for charts. Its new version works beautifully on my mac. Other platforms that worked in my favour were xstation of xtb and acttrader on fxview. I sidetracked tradingview for its monthly $30 charge. I know the basic version is free but from what I have heard the real deal is in the pro version.

And what about commissions?

FXCM for spreads.

Oanda - $7 RT
Fxcm - $8 RT

Unless it is updated

That’s a tough fight though. Seems like you don’t have any personal experiences with these brokers, Isnt it?

Yes and no. I had account with them, but not anymore.


Ohh, any bitter experience? Or some other reason ?

No bad experience. They were good. I found better one recently.


And what’s that?

I see. Okay. Thanks for replying!

Oh which broker have you replaced them with?

Depends on what you expect your broker to provide you with! In order to know which one is a better choice, you can simply create your demo accounts with both of them and test them at your own level. Once you get to know which broker works best for you, you can start live trading with them.

Yeah, I do agree with you. I would also check their deposit and withdrawal options and try to deposit and withdraw a small amount to see how it all works.