Oanda "Order Book" - More Marketing or Potetially Useful?

Not sure if this is the best category… If not, I ask the mods to slot it in where appropriate! Tx!

I came across this on the Oanda site.


It sounds enticing - The coveted order book! - I understand that this based on Oanda trade orders only.

I am hoping for some BP community input.

Sometime’s I can be a bone head and have a hard time grasping the obvious. I found the chart a challenge to read so perhaps some folks could bring some clarity! :confused:

My other question: Is this really useful or is it more marketing fluff? Is this truly the Oanda order book and they whole heartedly believe they can present the map to success but the retail traders will still drive off the proverbial cliff?

or perhaps it’s filled orders and not pending?


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Can be useful to see the traders sentiment also positioning of thier stops…!

Of course its useful, it shows of course both open orders and open positions, it also shows orders as NET or noncumlative. and it works much better as an EA as opposed to using the version that is attached to the web client.