Oanda Requiring bank statements?

Hello People,

I am from Canada and today I registered a live account with Oanda. I provided my license and the utility bill, but they are asking for my bank or creditcard statement. Support said that its the canadian Law? … Anyone else registered with Oanda?

Open to other broker suggestions too, Please.

There is a thread called "Canada - the worst place to trade from… " or something like that. - I suggest you read it - it doesn’t sound too good !

Boy that sucks, time to make offshore account with friends id

Hi @theCyberGuy

While brokers in Canada must follow strict rules, these are to your benefit as a client. For starters, your money deposited with a locally-regulated firm is insured for up to $1 million by the Canadian Investor Protection Fund. Before giving up on your Canadian broker, you might want ask them if they can accept any alternative documents to complete your account setup. It may give you more peace of mind in the long run.

Good luck in future, resolving a problem, if anything goes wrong, using that approach.

It’s only “when something goes wrong” that it will really matter to you. But as you can see from reading forums, “that only happens all the time”.

Very good reply to you, just above, from Forex.com. These “know your customer” rules that regulators impose on brokers are designed only for your protection. Good luck if you choose to turn your back on them. You’ll need it.

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I really appreciate all these comments. Maybe with the big amount i will do it as me. But for the small amount, i need some freedom.


The US have a LAW prohibiting them from playing poker on-line - Amazing how many players there are on the sites from Canada and Brazil ! :wink:

I don’t have any experience with Oanda but just out of curiousity if I may ask, did they tell you why it is required? Perhaps they want to verify your bank account or use it for authorization of any deposits/withdrawals?
Here is the above mentioned thread about Canada

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Yeah they said its required by the law to have that on file. I am gonna use paypal for my transactions.