OANDA... Thoughts?

Anybody have experience with OANDA?

I’m looking to start my first demo account in a couple of years…

I went to their website and liked what I saw, their support was quick and to the point as well but I would like feedback from real users as well.


I’ve used them for a couple of years now, no problems, withdrawals have been within 24 hours so far.



What type of trading are you doing? I’m a day week monthly time frame, nothing lower than that.

Are you in the US? I asked because I believe they have offices in Europe.


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I’m with OANDA and have never had any issues. I believe they’re amongst the top rated. I can deposit or withdraw using PayPal without penalty, and customer service is great. I’ve actually had their reps call me on occasion just to see how I was doing and if they could provide me with any resources.

One issue I’ve found recently is their desktop platform, I used and loved it for several months, then suddenly it started freezing. No matter what I tried I couldn’t figure it out. But they do have another platform, MetaTrader4, that I’ve been using instead which I equally like. Also, their mobile app, FxTrade is great as well.

I hope this helps. If you have any specific questions feel free to ask.


I’m in California.

I’m probably not going under a day.

Is there a difference about where their offices are based?

I was planning on using MT4 anyways so that solidifies my choice.

I don’t generally “work” on my phone to try to avoid always being on my phone but are there pros to using the app that may help my trading?

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MT4 is great. I like the layout, it’s clean. There are a couple little quirks like with most trading platforms, one I find is trying to create different ‘profiles’. I spent some time one day creating all these different profiles just to have them all disappear on me the next time I logged in, but I’m not very tech savvy so it could have been user error. But overall, once you get the hang of things then it’s pretty user friendly.

I don’t do much work on my phone either, chart patterns are not very accurate. I mostly use the app to keep track of current trades and to stay on top of everything in general.

Good Luck.

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A regulated broker will have to abide by the resident country’s forex “rules/laws/limitations”.

I just wanted to confirm that @eddieb 's situation was as close to mine as possible so I can make a better informed assessment.


BTW… Welcome to BPs

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Similar trading time frames to you.
Im in Europe (usually)

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Ok, I see where the comment was directed @eddieb previously lol my bad

And thank you for the warm welcome, glad to be here.

I was trading a couple years ago with Oanda. And I really loved them.
But I don’t remember the reason, why I have decided to choose another broker >_<

I have checked some news, and found that OANDA CEO Vatsa Narasimha left his position. Dunno how it affected brokers development. But according to some reviews it’s one of the best brokers for nowadays.

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That is promising news, it seems like the more I hear of them the more tempted I am to get started with them.

Thanks a bunch!