Oanda user question

quick question-does anyone know if oanda has trailing stops?

Unfortunately they don’t. It has been requested in their forums many times but still not implemented. I wish they would get that and a 4hour chart :slight_smile:


I didn’t think so and i couldn’t find anything…ok, thx topgun
(yeah,4hour charts would be nice too)

Anytime. You can always search in their “FXTrade Platform Issues” forum to find a lot of useful info. I search thier forums a lot when I need to know something. I am thinking of even downloading their timezone widget :slight_smile: . They have some useful tools that they are devolping if you go into their FXLabs link.


Can someone explain how they work on the pips, because on other systems if I have gained 6 pips that puts me in profit of 3 or 4 pips minus the 2 -3 point spread. At Oanda I make 6 pips and I’ve gotten back 1 cent of over a $1.00 in margin (1.97 on GBP/USD trade). I have 1:20 leverage and take on 20 units (with other micro accounts MT4 platform I’d take .02 units and be making probably .33 per lot per pip on EUR/USD).

I find the charts nearly incomprehensible compared to any other I’ve tried. I have had no problem understanding other broker’s setup but this is different even for a micro account. :confused:

The order entry is easy and I like the small upfront investment and using paypal to fund the account, but I am about ready to send the money back to paypal and add some more to fund with another broker such as NorthFinance or InterBankFX for the MT4 charting.

Any help would be appreciated.

Well, I see one thing I misunderstood in the way they account for the spread, they put it in a seperate box which that number never changes until the trade is closed, and the unrealized profit box will show positive when that is met, as opposed to other systems where they would show the unrealized loss of the spread until the pips were gained to cancel it out.
Still a little fuzzy on this platform … I really prefer other desktop options.