Offshore Brokers Using honest liquidity providers?

I have heard of STP and ECN . As a U.S trader obviously 50:1 does not appeal to me. Can anybody recommend an honest broker that actually uses good liquidity providers as do many in Europe like FX pro?
I am having difficulty as I have used a few different providers on the offshore list only to find the same slow speeds and sub standard liquidity providers. Definitely not trading against the real marker with tier one banks.

Any suggestions of an offshore brokers using a tier one bank and honest straight to market computers would be of a great help… Thank you.

Hellooo. :blush: I think this is one of the best threads to check out when it comes to offshore brokers. :smiley: People there are also active so if you have any questions about particular brokers, I’m sure they can help you out. :blush:

Living in the US, you are wise to be looking off-shore! They make it near impossible to make a decent buck over there

This ratio doesn’t appeal to any experienced trader who wants to make good profits. Without any choice, we’ve to look for an offshore broker to realise our goals. It’s a good choice though, to shift to a reliable off shore broker.

If you’ve any broker on your mind, you can find all these information on their website or by connecting to their customer support. It’s also good to read customer’s experiences before selecing any one broker.

@Smith2525 I agree with you. It gets very difficult to earn a good amount because of these strict regulations. If I’m into trading I must be mature enough to know my limits and not to exceed them. If I’m not, I deserve to lose and learn from my mistakes.

Yes, this is really a good thread running on this topic, started using turnkeyforex after trying a couple of others too from the list, going good :slight_smile:

There are some solid and approved suggestions in this thread:

Quite a big thread but think they update the OP with trusted offshore choices.