Oil rises more than 7% to close at near two-week high as EU considers embargo on Russian oil

As the war between Russia and Ukraine continues, and some EU countries are considering imposing an oil embargo on Russia, crude oil futures prices rose sharply on Monday (21st), and WTI crude oil futures and Brent crude oil futures both closed at their highest levels in nearly two weeks. .

The possibility of the European Union expanding energy sanctions on Russia has sparked bullish sentiment on oil prices.

Crude oil rose sharply again on Monday. From the daily line, oil prices will continue to rise. The top focuses on 113 and 120, and continues to pay attention to the news of the Russia-Ukraine negotiations. From the four-hour line and the hour line, the oil price fluctuates upward relying on MA5, and continues to rise after the opening this morning. , first look at the breakthrough of 113, and focus on 110 and 106.5 below. The operation is mainly based on callbacks.