Old trader, semi new to forex

I’ve been trading futures, options, and stock for, going on 15 years now. Been in and out of forex, always thought the risk and leverage were too great.
But then I learned more. And continue to learn. I’m interested in possibly getting back into the forex markets.
Looking forward to learning, sharing, and growing with y’all


Dabbled in stock trading for 10 years or so, now looking at Forex with higher Volumes and longer trading times

What do you mean you thought the leverage was too great? Just use less leverage then. What are.you trying to say?

Welcome @Stan1 hope you enjoy your time here and find it useful. And with 15+ years of experience I’m sure you also have a lot to offer as well! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome to BPs @Stan1.

Lots of great intell using the search tool, BP school and the members too!

Looking for to your posts!!


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Thank you, I’ll give my best

Thanks, just have to find more time :slight_smile:

Hey, @Rickster99,
When I first learned about forex, the only system I learned was 1000 x 1 leverage. This was ten years ago. Each pip was $1000. I didn’t know anything about spread or other types of trading. I’m still learning. Just getting back into it.

May i ask where you’ve been trading options? It’s the opposite for me lol. I’ve been doing forex for awhile and am looking into options since forex is getting a little boring.

Hello @Stan1

Welcome. Look forward to learning from any insight you’ve gained and are willing to share from you years of experience in other markets.

Best of luck to you

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Welcome to the community, @Stan1! Looking forward to hear your trading experiences and learn from it. See you around!

Welcome to bp @Stan1. Glad to have another long time trader join us here. Hope you could share with us some trading tips you’ve learned in your 15 years of trading. :blush: