Olymp Trade

Listen guys, I really wanna find out more about olymp trade, but I didn’t find any info about it on the site, and I don’t want to open a demo account. I’d like to know in general what do you know about this broker, is it trustworthy? What about money withdrawals, everything ok with that?

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I have no experience of it, but I [I][U]strongly[/U][/I] doubt it. It’s new-ish, based in the Seychelles, “regulated” only by FinaCOM (that’s another way of saying “not really regulated at all”) and is a binary options broker. For all those four reasons, I wouldn’t touch it, myself.

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I’ve forgotten about thread xD and just out of interest deposited 10 bucks on my account, not a substantial sum so won’t matter if I lose it. What can I say… things seem to begoing well, I discovered they have all kinds of competitions, so I think it’s gonna be interesting.

The general impression of trading is positive, deals are opened instantly, deal percentage is substantial, I had 80% everywhere, fast money withdrawal (if it were different, I wouldn’t be here). Some disadvantages I’ve noticed - color scheme of the terminal, I don’t like such a combination of colors…) Need to play around with it, we’ll see how it turns out in the end, in any case I relate well to all of it.


I see that profitability on assets here is not bad, although it’s not the highest, but still not bad, could you tell me is 80% a stable result or does it change?

Something fishy about this. Think I’ll do some digging

How has the trading been going? You have not posted in sometime?

unfortunately the % is floating. after 3-5 successfull deals the profit percentage is decreased on one asset. a question to other forumers: could you recommend a broker that doesn’t decrease profit? Text me a private message please, so as not to flood the thread…

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trading is going well, I like it so far. There are some problems (floating percentage on profit), some positive emotions (I’m making money, withdrawing). At the moment I’m trading on a real account, I’ll let you know when I have some interesting news. If there are any questions, I’d be happy to answer them.


How often do you withdraw and how long on average does processing a request take? Are there any delays?

In terms of withdrawing money - that depends on the market, if the situation is safe, then i withdraw once a week, and if it’s not very good, then more rarely, so far no hold ups on payment, why do you ask? are you also thinking about trading here?

I want to try some binary options trading. What can you recommend me to start with?

Well, if you’re using a certain strategy, why wouldn’t you be certain of it? Why do you write that it could be luck?

I don’t know, maybe luck, or perhaps the new strategy that turned out to be a grail, but the deals I open for the most part are profitable

I recomend to hanging out on forums and try different strategies

I’m not sure that it has to do with the trading strategy, cause I’ve not been using it for very long, and besides, I don’t always have the option of testing out strategies. But those times when I did use this strategy, it brought me profit.

Enough time has gone by in order to make some conclusions about your strategy. It shows itself as beautifully as before? And in terms of the broker, has he lowered the profitability percentage for the instruments?

They are fairly new and I would be careful depositing with new brokers. They are regulated but I can’t tell if that regulation with FinaCOM is
as good as CySec. I would recommend you pick a broker that has been around for a while and is also regulated with good reputation.

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I have to have several accounts because of the citizenship

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The time strategy has shown a pretty good result, but it was still a little lower than on the screenshot, but atleast this indicator is closer to the truth, which completely satisfies me. In terms of profit percentage - it falls, I think it depends on the situation on the market, because I have another account, there the percentage also falls, and it’s a demo account. But after some time profit once again increases to the 65-80% level.

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If the broker is reliable, and doesn’t manage the profitability in relation to how well the trader trades, that results in each trader has a different percentage, then the profitability really will depend on several factors. For example, breaking news, but also before the news you can see a change in profitability, when volatility is high, the percentage can also change. Anyway, the profitability doesn’t depend on how well the trader trades. You must have noticed when you trade well, that profitability will fall, or does that never happen? Although I think I should try it for myself. … I’ll try it and let you know.

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I liked trading with small amounts of money. Execution is good, quotes do not ‘jump’. I will try to increase the deposit and the price of binary options.