Olymp Trade

Modify? Really? Combine!? Modify and combine?!!! And you are asking what’s the cause of your failures?
I think that critical thinking is a good trait of a trader’s character. However, when you are just starting, it’s better to stick to one strategy, as it was said above, without any modifications. I’ve watched a few video tutorials of Olymp. They keep saying to use 5min+ timeframes, be patient, be patient… Are you? Are you patient?
I’m sorry for getting emotional at this point, but I’ve seen a few traders blaming their computers, software, brokerage and the Pope himself for their failures. I feel like… aghhhr… when I see those messages about Olymp Trade scam on the internet. I’ve got to praise you though, at least you are using demo account for your experiments.

Damn, I thoght that olymp trade is a scam, but I see here opposite, I hope you are not bot,

LOL, as if you’ve got the mind-reading machine :slight_smile: Yeap, if it wasn’t demo account, I would myself suggest Olymp Trade is a scam. But it is demo and I have noone to blame but myself :frowning: Well, I could have tried blaming Olymp’s tutorials, but you are right once again. I didn’t follow the instructions 100% and in most cases used lower timeframes. I’ve heard many times that the essence of TA remains same on all timeframes.

I don’t know much about Olymp but I read that Olymp Trade is currently a member of the International Financial Commission, which they joined in 2016. Being part of this commission gives traders a higher level of trust since, in case of fraud by On behalf of the company, your deposits can be refunded for up to $ 20,000. Achieving this designation and being a member of the International Financial Commission demonstrates a high level of quality and service.

That’s correct, BUT the higher is the timeframe, the more chances you’ve got to be right in your analysis. However, you are lowering the timeframe! Even 5 minutes charts are on the edge. That is what Olymp’s experts keep saying in their webinars and tutorials. 1 minute is closer to chaos and only experienced scalpers with immediate reaction to the new turns of price can manage these and lower scalping TFs.

I don’t think this is correct. Have a look here. DAILY(!) chart for bitcoin. The timeframe couldn’t be upper. Right? Where is the trend going? If we consider the last few month - the trend is up. Speaking of the last few weeks - its down. See, the chaos is not less that with 15 seconds charts.

Ahhaha, no it’s not a chaos. You’ve simply forgot that there is one more state of the market called range. Here is this situation exactly. On a daily chart we see two bounces of 10355 down - this was an important multipivot level for bitcoin, now this is the upper border of the range. The lower level of the range is the min pivot in between these two recent bounces. See?

Dang, I’ve seen this is Olymp’s manuals too (( That makes sense now. But why are there are so many details in these instructions. Bringing them all together is such a pain!

:hugs: This is going to be great.!

What you’ve got to do is to separate important things from unimportant. For example if you don’t plan to trade overnight - daily charts won’t be that important.Leave them. You gonna need the 1 hour timeframe to identify the trend (or whether its flat ahahah) and you gonna need 5 minutes charts to see the entry point. This is not the upper math. Keep it simple. Also this wouldn’t hurt to pay attention to indicators signals. They can help for sure, but some of them work on a flat market, others work only when the market is trending. Check out more about that in the articles. There should be some in Olymp’s educational section as well if you prefer to use those.