OmegaFX (

Ladies and Gentlemen,
if you got contacted by someone from TradeIdea-co suggesting that you should open an account at OmegaFx-io, be careful.
My experience was horrible and according to reviews, which I found later, a lot of people have faced the same problem. It is not possible to withdraw your money.


appreciate your organize.

Thank you, it is necessary to organize and stop guys like the ones around OmegaFx (io)

I hope you got your money back… Thanks for sharing…I think traders should just stick to regulated brokers…

@seek.justice Who have you switched to now ?

No, I haven’t got my money and I do not think that I will get it back ever. Now, I’d like to achieve 2 things:

  1. help other not to get scammed, make others aware that there’s a lot of scam brokers
  2. find out more about guys at OmegaFX (dot) io so that they stop luring new people

The funny thing is that I have 2 brokers which I’ve been using for years. One is small and local one. The other one is Saxo Bank.

Thanks for sharing…Well you have started to get the word out, Im sure new traders will heed to the caution.

Saxo is a really good platform.

So were about’s are you based, would love to assist you in your mission ?

Thank you for sharing and warning us to stay away from this kind of broker. Hope you’ll get your money back!

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I’d like to prevent this from happening. I wish I could find more victims and together share information and coordinate next steps here: problem-omegafx (dot) freeforums (dot) net

Thanks for the update. There is a lot scamming going on these days. Whats wrong with brokers?

I opened an account with omega fx and deposited around 37000 usd. After repeated attempts over the past few months to make withdrawals I have had no success. They are 100% a scam and should be avoided at all costs. Does anyone have any advice on how to get my money back from a company like this or does anyone have any success stories with a chargeback from their specific banks or credit cards.

That’s a lot of money to deposit all at once. What made you trust them enough to give them that amount of money with no worry?

Just pure stupidity and lack of trading knowledge on my part. I trusted them based on the very user-friendly layout of the website. This will teach me in the future not to judge a book by its cover.

Hard to believe but I got all my money back. I claimed the credit card transactions made when I deposited my money and voila my bank was successful and my money returned back.
(Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act)
Note that I hadn’t done ANY trades with my Omega FX account - the only thing I asked them for was to wire my money back which they refused to do.

Good luck and seek justice! (you can find more information at medium(dot)com and my forum problem-omegafx).

I have been waiting for my withdrawal of 3700 USD for weeks I just keep getting annoying arrogant account managers trying to promise me the earth. i have already lOst over 10,000 USD with them. Any ideas as to how to put pressure on them. They use Tradingidea as a front and tell me they are based in London - which I doubt.