Omicron has made it's way to the US


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i am fully vaccinated with all required boosters.

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The CDC/government claim this is all about public health, then tell me if a person choices to not get this vaccine how is firing them and denying them unemployment and healthcare is helping their health, then there are the effects of isolation. Bottom line, this has nothing to do with public health and everything to do with government control

That is just my two cents

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What do you mean by that? “All required” isn’t it two vaccines + Booster vaccine Pfiser?

Three years from now he will be boasting about having taken 4 vaccines and 8 boosters, this is nothing but a money tree for big pharma, and no indication they will stop anytime soon.

The said thing is half the population will line up like sheep and do what ever the government tells them

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I’ve been taking boosters this past 10 years - flu virus thinks it can out-wit the big pharma but but it has no hope as long as that big ol’ tree keeps flourishing :slight_smile:

In the UK we’ve been running a very second-rate national health service since the late 1940’s which is paid for through general taxation and which is free at the point of delivery. All medical issues are resolved free of charge with the exception of dentistry and cosmetic surgery. Its a universal benefit irrespective of income or wealth.

The covid pandemic is going to have one of two long-term and beneficial major impacts on our national health service. Either we will have to invest much more tax revenue into the service and make it effective, or we will have to change the entire system and abandon the universal free at the point of delivery principle.

Naturally, both options lead to greater revenue for pharmaceutical firms and medical practitioners. But we must pick one or the other. I honestly hope for either, as we cannot continue as we are anyway.

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"Do You Know This Word? - YouTube

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I don’t remember anyone saying last year that vaccines would be 100% effective. I do remember hearing immediately that a covid vaccine was available that it was not 100% effective, and that it had potential side-effects.

This guy in the clip seems to assume we’re all too dumb to follow the news and understand simple medical advice. I don’t like that.

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i took my primary vaccination and then i got my booster shot and then i got my booster to boost my booster and then i got my anti-side-effects safety booster and then got a special cream that i spread on that nasty rash that i got from my original vaccine and then i got some blood thinners that help with the blood clots.

i dont mind risking death, as long as it keeps me safe.

It has been spreading at an alarming rate although the severity of the virus is not yet clear. But let’s hope it doesn’t turn out to be as deadly as the Delta.

There are repeated reports it’s milder than Delta. I really hope they are true.

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The government must not use legal coercion to manage under-funding, over-crowding, under-staffing, over-management and incorrect allocation of resources in the national health service.

I was very happy to get involved in the efforts to defeat what in 2020 was a dangerous new disease with no vaccine and no cure. I’m losing the sense that I want to be a helper in papering over long-term government failings.

Well, there’s the flurona and delmicron. They’re a thing, says the internet.

Crazy stat I learned today about the spread of Covid in the US. The original virus took roughly 6 months to infect 4 million. The latest 4 million infections have come in just the last 7 days.


The good news: It’ll likely be over by March, maybe February, and omicron may be the most infectious form this virus is able to take (it’s already the most infectious virus known it appears). And in that case, it will continue to dominate future mutations as they occur while, perhaps becoming even less capable of causing damage to the host.

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Well, this variant may be over by March. Who knows what will happen next winter. :frowning:

Unfortunately it’s going around my husband’s work right now, almost everyone is calling out sick with it. Hoping we don’t catch it because we have small children and his work won’t pay him for time taken off to quarantine.

Yeah buddy,
There’s always a pandemic to help them monopolize the global economy, God Bless America.

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