On aging and healthcare

For those who are nearing or are already in their retirement age, how are you planning on dealing with healthcare? Are you all set for when something unexpected happens like an accident that causes you to be immobile etc.? I listen to my aunts and uncles’ conversations and in-home care / senior living sounds pretty expensive.

This was the prompt for this question:

Annual healthcare costs for Americans over 65 will increase by 79% or 1.25 trillion in 10 years.


(Although I have to admit this just made me think I need to buy more $UNH also lol)

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I’m lucky cos in the UK we’ve got the NHS - free healthcare from cradle to grave!! Yes, it’s a bit rough round the edges and long waiting lists. But if you’re ever seriously ill they’ll sort you out!! I feel for Americans cos it’s sooo expensive. Is the amount u spend on healthcare comparable to a mortgage? In USA if you literally have no money is there any medical care u can access?

The NHS is all fine of course but tell you what, the NHS don’t provide the nursing home accommodation and some of them are really crap

Keeping active as possible both physically and mentally is very important meantime. Fingers crossed.

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You could apply for Medicaid if you’re low income. But yeah healthcare here is INSANE. Each doctor’s visit can be anywhere from $50 - $130 WITH insurance.

Right. It’s all we can do but also save up lots of $$ so we can pay for nursing home / in home care / senior care. I’ve heard sooo many senior home horror stories here. It’s scary.

Really you guys in the US could do with a blended system like we have here in Europe.
Have a decent public healthcare system and then for those who want extra and more efficient then private well regulated options

Therein lies the problem. Our healthcare system is probably the biggest scam here.