ONADA (what do you think about them if you use them?)

what do you think about them if you use them?

I use em. have been using them live and never had a problem with withdrawals or frequent re quotes or anything. I got re quoted once in like 8 months.

I trade with OANDA, no problems. Just do not use its MT4 platform, stick to FxTrade.

Trade with Oanda also - haven’t had a single issue with them. I use the FXTrade platform only too - don’t use the MT4. I also use the Android mobile app and it works fine too on a 3G network.

I like them. They give a lot of information. I especially like the long/short statistics. :slight_smile:
Oanda News and Analysis

Oanda is a big company. They’re not going anywhere. For a forex dealer they are very well capitalized.
Financial Data for FCMs - CFTC

agreed with everyone here. Use the MT4 for charting and analysis, the FXtrade java platform execution is fast and easy to use. But has limited history so doing longer term analysis that requires past data not possible. augment that with free MT4 and all the customization you want off the feed and you got a solid set up.

no major problems

thank you for your feed back guys =D