One big or many small accounts?

What is the best to avoid your capital to disapear (margin call):
To have one big account and use small margin?
or to have different account in different broker and have more margin with diversified strategy?

Thank for any advice

lots of little accounts!

There is NO reason to dump more than the minimum account balance with your broker.

  1. Just because you have 100:1 or 400:1 leverage DOES NOT mean you should employ it.
  2. If you can’t double 500 to 1000 on 1 mini lot what the hell are you expecting to be able to accomplish with a larger amount of funds?
  3. Worst case - you lose 500 bucks, not 5000 bucks. Trust me, when things go bad and your new at this you’ll start revenge trading, not following your rules, and things spiral out of control quickly. Better to make a huge mistake like that on a small account than a big one.
  4. I use two accounts, one is my daytrading account that I take my primary trades with, then in my second account I only take my swing trades in. This way I can keep my balances, and my margin seperate as sometimes I may be short in a pair on a 4hr swing trade, but buying it on a smaller timeframe in my other account. If you tried to do this in the same account many brokers won’t allow it and you would just be getting in and out of the same position over and over with a lot of comissions.

When you open accounts with different brokers, you can lose money on one account and win on another without influence between both.
The disadvantage is that you will have to follow the account opening procedure for each broker. This takes a lot of your time. Same problem when you decide to refund an account.

Why are you going out of your way to make things complex.

Just one broker is plenty.

Put your money in there and trade small amounts as Daedalus has said.

Then you will survive.

If you have more than one broker, you will have to trade each one using a different approach because each one has a different platform.

Stupid if you ask me. :mad: :mad: :stuck_out_tongue: :eek:

I had thought to start with one small account, which one grows into one big account so that one can use more lots to get bigger profit with relatively small pip movements. That way when you actually have $100K, you can open 10 std lots and really be on your way to making a million/year with only 20 pips /day :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :eek:

But I’d really want to make sure about the broker I was using first.

Please, just keep it simple.

Start with a small account and then build up using one broker.
Smart traders doing smart trades make money; not people with
multiple small accounts with multiple brokers using multiple platforms.
What is the point? There is none.