One Click Close MT4 and MT5

One Click Close MT4-MT5 is an EA which allows you close orders quickly. EA display on chart two buttons. The first button “Close All Positions” is using to close all opened orders. The second button “Close Profit Positions” is using to close only profitable orders. EA is closing orders for all available symbols, not only for chart symbol. In EA params you can set distance from upper chart frame (Y Offset) and from left chart frame (X Offset). For installation EA it is only need to copy One Click Close.ex5 file into MQL5 “Experts” folder. Downloaded from MQL BLUE.


Version for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 without any limits, very good and useful tool.

One_Click_Close.ex4 (16.0 KB)
One_Click_Close.ex5 (30.4 KB)

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