One is $17.99 P/M The Other Is $149 P/M? The difference?

I’m talking about back testing and it’s historical software tracking. I’m still confused, or maybe the word should be still ignorant, let me know. You can sign up to Tradingview pro and utilizes the replay feature to back test your strategy. You can purchase a back testing software which cost more than a yearly subscription to tradingview to do the same thing…roll back the time and see how your setup plays out. Maybe it has a few more bells and whistles but it’s basically the same thing…roll back the time, analyse and see your setup play out as far as I can see…or am I missing something? Why am I paying $149 for something tradingview does for $17?

I might be missing the sarcasm here HAHAHA but you don’t have to! :sweat_smile: Tradingview is pretty reliable. :blush:

I know :slight_smile: I just thought I’m missing something, as to why some traders are using a separate software TV does for less than half the price. Newbie ignorance I guess. Maybe some day I’ll get the point :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Actually, personally, I would recommend to newbies to avoid spending as much as possible HAHAHA :sweat_smile: so even the $17 is a bit expensive for me. But how has the experience been so far/ :blush:

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Yeah it was for me as well, then I started using the free version along with Ctrader to take my entries. Still and always be learning so I use TV to journal also. I love using Ctrader, it’s so much better than MT5 it’s almost like a scaled down version of Tradingview. Have you used it? But to be honest I might just go back to using the paid version of Tradingview as it’s just more efficient and user friendly. Everything is in one place as It has my broker connected to it.