One truth about the market you find very hard to digest?

If I am to say, it is that our actions – we small time retailers – have absolutely no consequence on the markets – it’s all about the big sharks and how they want to play the game!

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You could always piggy-back on the big sharks…but don’t fall off.

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This is the way. This is most evident in the US Equity Derivatives space.

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Do you mean literally? Like buy signals and stuff?

No, not that.
I suggest you focus more on fundamentals, and supply and demand zones as medium term signals and a solution to our current market environment where market sentiment is over - reactive on a daily basis.

Owing, of course to the plight of the US economy and China’s war-like stance against its neighbours - and Covid 19 which affects all major economies, and possibly will bankrupt smaller countries.

We live in interesting times…

So we’re in a relatively safer zone with forex then!?

The “safest” zone is in the options market.

Liquid, transparent, objective, probabilistic, less risky. I can keep going.

Yes I do understand the importance of market analysis, and fundamental analysis although ignored many times by many traders, I think it is equally important to understand where overall the currency is heading.

It is hard to digest that the number of profitable traders in the market is far lesser than the number of traders who lose their money. It is disheartening to see people start trading with hopes in their hearts, only to lose terribly and lose all their savings.

When I decided to trade forex, I thought that I would become the first trader to never face a loss. I worked hard and learnt day and night to ensure that no stone is left unturned. But when I went live, even after making all the settings right, I lost. The bubble burst and I too accepted the fact that you cannot become a trader if you are not ready to lose.

I don’t completely agree with what you are saying. I am also not saying that we can have a big impact on the market. But we do contribute something to the market which might seem negligible in comparison to the impact that big players have. When we lose, someone else gains, and when we gain, someone else loses. This can’t happen without us having any effect on the market.

A single strategy may not prove profitable to every trader even if all of them are using the same settings and investing the same amount. As a beginner I didn’t believe in all this but when I actually started to trade, I realised the importance of our individual games.

Control your emotions or else you lose. I never knew that my personality and emotions can have such a great impact on the money that I can make. Being greedy is one thing but what about other emotions that we can go through while trading.