One way or another, this is going to work!

My name is Jay,
And I gotta say,
My Forex knowledge grows every day!

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Anyhow…I know enough to know I’ve filled a thimble with skills. The cup isn’t far away though so I’ll continue to empty the thimble and fill the cup!

I started delving into Forex with a hope and a prayer (and $300 USD) on the back of a, “Magic Algorithm”. What was the lesson there? Check your emotions at the door. At least I learned it early. I’ll be putting [I]that[/I] story up as a precautionary tale…the main keywords will be Quick Cash System and Titan Trade. So how many of you are cringing (or laughing) right now?

I actually had enough common sense to stop while I was ahead. I still have $200 of that so [I]after[/I] I play with my practice account I’m going to go and get my money back!

As for who I am, first I have to ask, “What day is it”?

I’ve worked for more than 40 different companies in various capacities. Why so many, you ask? First, I cannot abide an employer who is unable to hold up his end of the bargain. Second, there is usually no room for me at the top of the dog-pile…even when I’m past due. Last, but definitely not least, all of them started as possible careers and turned out to be only uninteresting, life-sucking, creativity-stifling J.O.B.'s.

So I’ve decided to do what I love…which is whatever I feel like doing at the time. That being said, I have to support myself and prepare for retirement somehow. Don’t worry, minimalism is my middle name; besides, I seem to enjoy the process of technical analysis. I have only been doing this since Saturday of this week and after pulling a 36 hour stint of Forex immersion I pulled off 4 winning practice trades in a row and lost once at the end. That’s about the time I entered a sleep deprived coma:24:

Well that’s me, or enough of me to give you a warning at least.

Take what you get and make it make more.

Have fun!