One world's currency

What you think about this idea? Is that real, why or why not? What would you do instead of trading Forex if that happens?

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FX is the largest financial market by far. IMO, it’s unlikely that would materially change - or even if it did, there would be other ‘monetary’ assets to trade against.

Never going to happen in our lifetime anyway

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Dreadful idea - we as a world absolutely NEED the ability to adjust our countries money according to whether they are expanding / contracting their internal wealth. - The examples of Greece, Italy, Spain trapped in to the Euro and unable to devalue shows a prime example of what disasters would follow a global currency and indeed “banana Republics” show a similar problem which will shortly crop up again due teh the Belt and Road initiative.

Why? Explain

It’s never going to happen - people’s needs are too disparate for it to work.

It’s one of those things that "SHOULD " happen. but “WILL NEVER” happen. In the world of superpowers and corrupt politicians that’s a dream.

But when the world is in dust after “a great war”, whether it’s biological (like a virus) or a war. May be someday. In a post apocalyptic future it will happen. Here’s hoping…

Why should it happen though?

I didn’t say that it should happen.

I mean if you think about bitcoin already is a one world currency.

I think what about all fiat currencies disappear and only one remains on the whole world (or if they make new one). Now you have a lot of fiat and crypto currencies so BTC is not the only and it can be used for a few things, and in future we are not sure if someone will just wake up and say : “Hey. from today I don’t accept Bitcoin anymore”

I think in theory it could be, but in today’s economic system IMO it’s impossible. Our economy too volatile for making one currency for everyone.

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How do you mean in theory it could be, can you explain further please?

To be honest, I can’t even imagine that in theory.

Question for everyone who says that it is impossible:

Am I wrong or IMF is planning one world’s currency for decades?

I believe you`re wrong. Any evidences?

I think that I heard about it, not sure if they really said that it can happpen.

Maybe here is something useful, I will read it now.

I have not heard of anything of that sort.

Yep, first time heard of this too but who knows.