OneCoin lawyer charged for laundering $400 mln

A US layer goes on trial for his role in the OneCoin crypto scam. Mark Scott is accused of laundering some 400 million USD, transferring the proceeds of the scam out of the U.S., while helping to hide the true origin of the funds.

Parts of those funds ended in Bank of Ireland accounts, while with the rest Scott bought a yacht, three homes and a Ferrari.

The US prosecutors also said that while Scott was legally working as a partner in a well respected law firm in New York, earning hundreds of thousands of dollars, this legal income was just “a fraction of the money he was paid to launder OneCoin fraud scheme proceeds”.

The defense claims that Scott was not aware of what was going on and was just investing funds on behalf of OneCoin. According to Scott lawyers before starting to work with OneCoin he had asked a colleague to check if OneCoin is a “pyramid scheme”, and had been reassured “there was nothing illegal going on”.

Lot at Scott excuses being done there for whatever reason being protected and prosecuted for anything clearly. I do want to make all this ■■■■ going no matter what. Where else it really could be done ? I am sure that lawyer clearly knows what he is doing.

His statements are incredible. A lawyer himself has to ask others if things are legal or not. I love that defense. He should know as a lawyer that the “play dumb” defense usually doesn’t work, especially if your day job works with identifying and prosecuting those same types of people/businesses.

I hope if the information is true, he is made an example of.

I just hope Ruja Ignatova herself will be apprehended sooner or later, she has to face justice too.

This is what happens when you have a great lawyer. You can have all the money in the world, but if you don’t have a good lawyer you will lose no matter what. I’ve met a lot of people that lost their cases because of the lawyer and that’s why I was afraid to hire one was I was struggling through the law system to get my compensation after I was diagnosed with a lung disease. I wanted to have an compensation as I was exposed to work on a dangerous site, which made me have this disease afterwards, without my agreement. But I was really afraid of the lawyers as I knew a lot of cases when people were scammed by them. A friend of mine told me that I can be helped by an experienced asbestos lawyer that could easily get me through this case and give me my compensation in a very short time. I was impressed by the job he made and how profesional he made it all come true. This guy made me change my mind and now I know that you can have a great help from people that really knows what they are doing

Unfortunately you are probably right.
What I don’t get is why didn’t he take his millions and disappear with them like Ruja Ignatova (the alleged mastermind behind this scam) did.

Well, that’s something.

True. I wish it happened earlier - this scam went on for years.

Does anyone have any updates on those prosecutions?

So this same guy just got disbarred in New York! Justice is finally being served!

Guys, do you think Ruja Ignatova will ever be found?

She will be found. We’re in a digital age now, with cats and monkeys running around with their own smart phones. The surveillance state will find her.

Kast she was seen with members of the Russian mob, from what I’ve heard. So whether she’ll be found depends on whether she still physically exists, as horrible as that sounds. :frowning:

These are the benefits of being a lawyer.

It’s interesting to hear about this case involving a lawyer and his alleged role in the OneCoin crypto scam. It’s a reminder that even professionals in respected fields can be caught up in fraudulent schemes.

Wow, that’s quite a shocking story! It’s unbelievable what some people get involved in. It’s a good lesson to be extra careful with money and investments.