Anyone here have experience in dealing with

Hi I used them around a year ago and deposited £250 they gave me £150 bonus but when I started trading and wanted to withdraw some funds they said you have to make double what you have invested before any withdrawal and 3 times the bonus its all written on the website in small print somewhere basically a scam keep away from this broker.

They are a bunch of thieves. Not that the platform is very much like gambling but what’s worse they hack into your account and loose money for you. I am exploring my legal options but don’t like my chances.
Just stay clear of them. Would not be surprised if they were Somalia or Kenya running it from a rented room. They use hi pressure tactics to try to get you to deposit More money.
Absolute scum

You took the bonus so not really a scam. Read the terms and conditions and you would have known. I don’t trade with them, but this happens so many times that new traders take bonuses without knowing what they are really getting. Then they scream scam.

I read the fine print and declined to take any bonus, still got done. They are shady and have shady practice.
They have advertising/sponsoring sites to get you to trade with them and the main aim is for you to make as many trades in shortest time possible. They pray on inexperienced naive people who want easy way to trade. It’s more like easy way to loose money.
BTW, they operate from Malta and only hold gambling licence. Not accountable to any governmental financial institution, Say no more. KEEP away